Day Bidet #66

That which hath been is now, and that which is to be hath already been:

  1. “At the end of all our striving and longing we find, not a force, but a face.” (Related: “[I]t’s this concrete specificity, the sharp-edged exactness of the image, that makes me profoundly, unapologetically religious.” Related: “Our North American dominant cultural values are massively resistant to a theology of the cross, precisely because the cross places suffering at the heart of God’s character and at the heart of meaningful, faithful human life.”)
  2. You can’t trust the experts… (Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.)
  3. “They wouldn’t bend.” (Related.)
  4. “I wish the bay was clear like it used to be.” (Related: “[W]e will never again experience the true glory of the American chestnut.” As Dávila said, “The horror of progress can only be measured by someone who has known a landscape before and after progress transforms it.”)
  5. “[A]fter Jesus came into the world, his mother wrapped him in cloths. After Jesus died, Joseph of Arimathea wrapped his body in a linen cloth. After wrapping Jesus in cloths, Mary laid him in a manger, a place for animals. After wrapping Jesus in a linen cloth, Joseph of Arimathea laid his body in a tomb, a place for dead bodies.”
  6. “[T]he power of material goods as symbols of social position has diminished due to their accessibility. As a result, the aspirational class has altered its consumer habits away from overt materialism to more subtle expenditures that reveal status and knowledge.” (Translation: Millennials don’t care about being wealthy as much as they care about being cool.)
  7. “‘I gave my hat,’ he said with a huge smile.”


Homeschool your kids (language warning).

An interesting hypothesis.

Carnivore success story. (Related. Related—language warning.)

“My own heart let me more have pity on.”

Ancient Rome in 3D. (Related.)

Pascal: “Two errors. 1. Taking everything literally. 2. Taking everything spiritually.”

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