Day Bidet #57

Lord, we know not how to go till a blessing Thou bestow:

  1. An invaluable resource.
  2. Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. (Related. Related. Related. Related.) Clown World (notice Precinct 2000’s turnout). Clown World. Clown World. But there’s always good news out there!
  3. “Without God, we lack a metaphysical structure that can posit and sustain hope in any sturdy or durable way.”
  4. “At fourteen I married My Lord you.” (More poesy.)
  5. Wesley Hill makes the case for reading the Bibles non-electronically. (If he is right, then I am the chief of sinners!)
  6. “We are sliding backward.” Indeed.
  7. William Law: “[I]t is impossible to live one way and pray another.”

P.S. RIP, Norm MacDonald. A legend in our time. Truly.

Day Bidet #56

May be an image of child, outdoors and text

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart:

  1. “[T]he regular sharing of food was fundamental to the common life of the first Christian communities.”
  2. “We have to live with Corona, it will always be with us. Biannual boosters for the entire population will not solve anything. … The vaccines are, at best, a solution for the elderly and the vulnerable only. Everyone will get Corona, even the vaccinated, and children need to get it while they are still young and while it poses no risk to them. In this way, SARS-2 will become an unimportant virus in the coming years.” (Related. Related.)
  3. Christian environmentalism. (Related! Related—perhaps not for the faint of heart. Related: Why does no one ever talk about this?)
  4. “[T]each them to respect and understand the modern world—frankly patronize it—and they will sympathize with its suffering…. This sympathy will prevent it from seducing them.” (Somewhat related.)
  5. A good overview. (Related.)
  6. Clown World. Clown World. Clown World (language warning). Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. And of course Clown World has real-world consequences—both near and far. (Life and beauty are fragile! And evil is opposed to both.) But still—lest we forget!—a remarkable (and remarkably diverse) world.
  7. “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice.”


“[S]unlight exposure to the skin (and eyes) of mice or humans increases mating behavior, & the perception of others’ smell as more attractive, and to aggression.”

“Like the pirates with the Jolly Roger, Christians also live under a sign of death. The sign of the cross.” (Related: “Some people ask nowadays what kind of a religion it is that chooses an instrument of torture for its symbol, as if the cross on churches must represent some kind of endorsement. The answer is: one that takes the existence of suffering seriously.”)

R E T V R N T O T R A D I T I O N. (Related.)

Miroslav Volf: “Our call is to align how we engage in our many callings with our one, most basic calling: to be ‘Christs’ in the world.”

Day Bidet #55


Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home:

  1. “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”
  2. Abolish the FDA. Along with the public school system (pardon the language) and the media. (Related: “The US Federal Government demanded that in exchange for legal protection … with regard to Covid-19 treatment only what they approved for said use could be used. Related. Related. Related—pardon the language again.)
  3. “[T]here has not been a specifically negative world strategy that has emerged in Evangelical Protestantism.”
  4. “At least 300 people have been murdered in Philadelphia so far this year, including nearly 30 children under the age of 18.” (Related. And yes, as a reminder, this does have everything to do with BLM.)
  5. “The story of Jesus is our story.” (Related: “The framework of Paul’s thought is constituted neither by a system of doctrines nor by his personal religious experience but by a ‘sacred story,’ a narrative structure.” Related: John Whale: “The Gospels cannot explain the Resurrection; it is the Resurrection which alone explains the Gospels.”)
  6. “It has never been easier to distinguish art from propaganda, as the latter is becoming constantly more and more predictable. Which art by definition never is.”
  7. “The last book of the Bible ends, not with the company of the saved being taken up into heaven, but with the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven to earth, resulting in God’s new creation.”


“I finally understood they were lying to me” (language warning).

What do we know about the Philistines?

“[I]t is only when you know the when and the where, as well as the who and the what, that you can really know the why, which is perhaps the most important question that the artist, or for that matter any of us, is ever called on to answer.” (Related. Related.)

Kenneth Porter: “They haled him trembling to the Judgment Seat. / ‘O Lord, the man who made the nails that pierced Thy hands and feet!’ / The Master laid a thin, scarred hand upon the shame-bowed head. / ‘They were good nails,’ he said.”

P.S. If anyone lives near Louisiana…

Day Bidet #54

presbyterian church abandoned alabama forgotten sky
Adams Grove Presbyterian Church, Sardis, Alabama

All that you suffered, all the disease, you couldn’t hide it, hide it from me:

  1. “[T]he antidote to foreboding joy … are the practices of gratitude.”
  2. “[C]hildren born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.” (Related. Related: “[T]hese estimates suggest between 72,000 and 180,000 … vaccine-induced deaths in the U.S. during the experimental COVID-19 vaccination program.” Related. Related.)
  3. “In Western philosophy, natural theology goes back to the very beginning, to the Greeks—and not just to Plato and Aristotle, but to the Pre-Socratics.”
  4. Trust the science! Just not the scientists. (Related.) Or the newscasters.
  5. McGrew contra credentialism.
  6. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class. (Duh—no political party has ever truly been the party of the working class.)
  7. Craig Keener on 1 Peter.


“[T]he internet is purposefully being changed to make you miserable.” (But it does still have its moments, some of which are quite beautiful and relaxing.)

“[L]et us clothe ourselves with spiritual fire.”

What are they implying??

Hester Cholmondeley: “Still as of old / Men by themselves are priced— / For thirty pieces Judas sold / Himself, not Christ.”

Day Bidet #53

Christ is in the shape-up, he’s in the hatch, he’s in the union hall:

  1. Berryman: “Unite my various soul, / sole watchman of the wide & single stars.” King David: “[U]nite my heart to fear Thy name.”
  2. “I have never known silence like I found in the village where almost an entire generation of their young had been killed simply because a pilot had missed.” (Related. Related: “‘National security’ is a euphemism for ‘world domination.'” Related: You can’t trust the experts.)
  3. “[B]etween 50,000 and 70,000 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in the last decade.” (Related: “[M]ost expect to meet Jesus face to face in the next two weeks.”)
  4. Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? (Language warning.) Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie?where’s the lie???
  5. “[I]f we wish to start living where we are … we too will need something of the loyalty of children and the great patience of poets.”
  6. “We got the tortured animals & the reanimated corpses & the kidnapped children, but the flying cars & wonder drugs are still, as always, ten years out.” (Language warning. Related.)
  7. “The soul is like a wild animal.”


Whoops! (Related—not that you should be at all amazed.)

“Romans would have cost over 2,000 dollars.”

“Plants already account for 82% of kcal and 60% of protein. But in many regions of the world, #animalproducts can improve food security, nutrition, agroecosystems and efficiency.” (Related. Related.)

Psalm 90.1: “Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.”

Day Bidet #52

Perfect love casteth out fear:

  1. “In 2020, Americans spent an average of 5.53 hours a day on leisure and sports and about 0.09 hours … on religious and spiritual activities.”
  2. Live not by lies.
  3. “[W]hat is the function of these genealogies in Genesis?”
  4. “Probably the most important graph for health, ever.” (So lift weights, cut carbs and processed foods, and eat red meat! Related. Related. Related.)
  5. Alcoholic milk. (Related.)
  6. HODL Bitcoin. (Related. Related. Related. Related: “The global medium of exchange as we know it is also a medium of social control.” Related. Related.)
  7. “New Testament scholars are far too ready to assume that the evangelists, and John in particular, felt free to put words into Jesus’ mouth if they thought that something was what he would have said and was consonant with his other teaching. But this is not what we find in John. Instead, when John has some interpretation to give his readers, he distinguishes his own interpretation from what Jesus actually says.”


Alexander Crummell: “Let our posterity know that we their ancestors, uncultured and unlearned, amid all trials and temptations, were men of integrity.”

“Feeling During Modern Worship Concert Suspiciously Similar To Feeling During Rock Concert.” (Relatedpreviously on DBD. Lol.)

Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. Clown President. (Related—and prescient. Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.) But this takes the cake. Demon World (and yes, someone should have seen it coming). Demon World. Demon World (so homeschool your kids!). But still, a lovely, lovely world if you know where to look.

“Prince of the world and Lord of the flies.”

Day Bidet #51

I’m on my way to believing:

  1. “I ha’ seen him eat o’ the honey-comb / Sin’ they nailed him to the tree.”
  2. Homeschool your kids. Homeschool your kids. (Related. Related, at least tangentially.)
  3. “Saving faith is better understood as allegiance to Jesus the atoning king.”
  4. You can’t trust the experts. You can’t trust the experts. You can’t trust the experts. You can’t trust the experts. (Related: “Researchers found that while a total of 3,105 people under 18 died from all causes in the UK, only 61 died with a positive PCR test, and only 25 actually died from a SARS-CoV-2 viral infection. The COVID-19 mortality rate was 2 per million in the UK under-18 population.” Related. Related—fun flashback!)
  5. “We won’t know until we get to glory.”
  6. Wholesome. Wholesome. Wholesome. Wholesome. Wholesome. Beautiful. Beautiful. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
  7. “I had forgotten that sunset is my business.”


“A young girl … hastily ran to the house in the interval that elapsed between the slowly falling shells. On returning, an explosion sounded near her—one wild scream, and she ran into her mother’s presence, sinking like a wounded dove, the life blood flowing over the light summer dress in crimson ripples from a death-wound in her side, caused by the shell fragment.” (Related.)

“New Testament vocabulary does not constitute a closed system; its backdrop is the Hellenistic world and the classical texts.”

“Heritability was more than a statistical construct, it was a biophysical reality.”

Stravinsky: I cannot now evaluate the events that, at the end of those thirty years, made me discover the necessity of religious belief. I was not reasoned into my disposition. Though I admire the structured thought of theology (Anselm’s proof in the Fides Quaerens Intellectum, for instance) it is to religion no more than counterpoint exercises are to music.

Day Bidet #50

Though lovers be lost love shall not:

  1. “The father does not demonstrate love in response to his son’s confession. Rather, out of his own compassion he empties himself, assumes the form of a servant, and runs to reconcile his estranged son.” (Related.)
  2. “[P]articipants who are in high positions of power … are less able to adopt the visual, cognitive or emotional perspective of other people, compared to participants who are powerless.” (As Sirius Black said: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”)
  3. “Normal everyday consciousness and life is right where God meets me. No show, production, emotional high, ecstatic state, or chemicals needed.”
  4. Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? (Related.) Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie?
  5. “When we speak of historical confirmations of the accuracy of the gospels and Acts, this is the type of thing we have in mind.”
  6. “I cannot begin to tell you how many families with young children I see who are unduly stressed precisely because they allow their children to run the show and be the center of the universe.” (Related.)
  7. “It is not the case that God is 50% love and 50% wrath. Rather God is 100% love.”


Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Vegan…lack-of-success story. (Related: Lift heavy weights to burn more fat. Related.)

“Can Christians Swear or Take Oaths?”

“The totalitarian governments, complicated hierarchies, and repressive social codes that confront the protagonists of YA fiction map well onto the lived experience of 21st century YA life.”

Tolkien: “The essence of a fallen world is that the best cannot be attained by free enjoyment, or by what is called ‘self-realization’; but by denial, by suffering.”

Day Bidet #49

Please take mercy on a soldier from the Florida-Georgia line:

  1. “[T]he modern world wants you godless and unhappy. Because you buy stuff.”
  2. Read this.
  3. “Introduction to 1-2 Chronicles”
  4. “Progress.” “Progress.” “Progress.” (Remember: Technological progress—which is undeniable—can’t make up for social dissolution.)
  5. There is no such thing as “symbolic repentance”—just virtue signaling.
  6. “You never loved the sun in heaven as I have loved the rain.”
  7. “[T]here are some Easter passages in the Synoptics and John that have some unusual language in common. Jesus addresses his disciples as ‘my brothers’ in Matthew 28:10 and John 20:17.” (Related: “Those of us who know the Gospels extremely well know that of course [John 21] is an allusion to Peter’s having boasted that even if all the other disciples abandoned Jesus, he would stand firm. … But … Peter’s boast, and his contrasting himself to the other disciples, appears nowhere in the Gospel of John! … It is in Matthew 26:33 and in Mark 14:29.”)


Clown World. Clown World. (Related. Related. Related. Related.) Clown World. Clown Conservatism, Inc. (Related.) Demon World. (Related.) Demon World. (Related. Related.) Demon World. Black Mirror World (which, yes, is demonic). But a fascinating and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world nonetheless.

“Romans had a great deal of anxiety about the people they enslaved running away.”

“Whenever this study has been cited, it has always been for the exact opposite of its actual conclusion. … This demonstrates a persistent bias in which the media only reports what people want to hear instead of reporting the truth.”

“[A]bstain from every form of evil.”

Day Bidet #48

They cannot conquer for ever:

  1. “We would cheerfully be cowards if that would acquire us a reputation for bravery.” (Related.)
  2. “Since roughly the year 2000 … Democrats have moved significantly to the left on most hot button social issues while Republicans have moved only slightly right.” (Related: “Relativism is a position you employ when you’re weak, to be abandoned when you win.” Related: “You just apply the same formula to every single thing you can find.”)
  3. “‘We’ signals not simply any eyewitness source but the author’s presence.” (Related.)
  4. Homeschool your kids. Homeschool your kids. Homeschool your kids. (Related.)
  5. “Never had it been known for a royal house to be dethroned, exiled—and then re-established. How would a son from the House of David ever arise again who could establish an international empire?”
  6. Thread. (Related: “Pop Science(tm)” has become a “folk religion.” Related.)
  7. CS Lewis: “Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.”


HODL Bitcoin, save the planet.

“Jesus is saying that his theological opponents believe that the old forms of Jewish religion are actually better than the new wine he is bringing.”

“Homicides in the first quarter of 2021 were 24 percent higher than during the same period in 2020, and 49 percent higher than in the first quarter of 2019.”

Ephesians 6.17-18: “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.”

P.S. Pray for South Africa and Haiti, among (many) others.