(Underlined works are of special philosophical or religious and not merely literary significance.)


Frederick Buechner, Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale

Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

GK Chesterton, The Everlasting Man (especially Part I, Chapter IV and following)

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

——————, Surprised by Joy

——————, The Abolition of Man

——————, The Chronicles of Narnia

——————, The Four Loves

——————, The Great Divorce

——————, The Space Trilogy

——————, Till We Have Faces

Alasdair MacIntyre, After Virtue

Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried

George Orwell, Animal Farm

——————, Nineteen Eighty-Four

J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

——————, The Silmarillion

Leo Tolstoy, A Confession

——————, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Tom Wolfe, Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers


W.H. Auden, “September 1, 1939”

Meera Bai, “Unbreakable”

Bertolt Brecht, “Die Lösung”

William Brewer, “Daedalus in Oxyana”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese 43

C.P. Cavafy, “Che Fece … Il Gran Rifiuto”

——————, “Ithaka”

——————, “Thermopylae”

Leila Chatti, “Annunciation”

——————, “The Rules”

Stephen Crane, “Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind”

E.E. Cummings, “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in”

——————, “i thank You God for most this amazing”

Donald Davidson, “Lee in the Mountains”

——————, “Sanctuary”

——————, “Southward Returning”

John Donne, Holy Sonnets V, X, and XIV

——————, “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning”

Carol Ann Duffy, “Prayer”

T.S. Eliot, Choruses from The Rock

——————, “Journey of the Magi”

John Gould Fletcher, Irradiations XIII, XXII, XXVIII, and XXXIII

Robert Frost, “My November Guest”

Kahlil Gibran, “Defeat”

Louise Glück, “Aubade” (“There was one summer”)

George Herbert, “Love (III)”

Homer, The Iliad

Gerard Manley Hopkins, “As kingfishers catch fire”

——————, “God’s Grandeur”

——————, “Pied Beauty”

John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

Stuart Kestenbaum, “Psalm”

Galway Kinnell, “Prayer”

——————, “Saint Francis and the Sow”

Rudyard Kipling, “If”

Paul Lake, “End of the Road”

Sidney Lanier, “Corn”

Philip Larkin, “High Windows”

Denise Levertov, “Primary Wonder”

Richard Lovelace, “To Lucasta, Going to the Warres”

Archibald MacLeish, “Not Marble Nor the Gilded Monuments”

Martial, The Epigrams, Book V, Epigram 34

John McCrae, “In Flanders Fields”

Czesław Miłosz, “You Who Wronged”

Pablo Neruda, “Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche”

Mary Oliver, “Praying”

——————, “The Summer Day”

Wilfred Owen, “Dulce et Decorum Est”

Linda Pastan, “A Short History of Judaic Thought in the Twentieth Century”

Ezra Pound, “And the days are not full enough”

——————, “Ballad of the Goodly Fere”

——————, “Canto XLV”

——————, “In Durance”

——————, “The Golden Sestina”

——————, “The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter”

John Crowe Ransom, “Dead Boy”

Christina Rossetti, “In the Bleak Midwinter”

William Shakespeare, Henry V, The St Crispin’s Day Speech

William Stafford, “Any Morning”

Wallace Stevens, “Sunday Morning”

Allen Tate, “Emblems”

——————, “Ode to the Confederate Dead”

Sara Teasdale, “I Am Not Yours”

——————, “There Will Come Soft Rains”

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “Ulysses”

Dylan Thomas, “And death shall have no dominion”

——————, “Do not go gentle into that good night”

Francis Thompson, “The Hound of Heaven”

John Updike, “Seven Stanzas at Easter”

Jeanne Murray Walker, “Staying Power”

W.B. Yeats, “A Prayer for my Daughter”

——————, “Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”

——————, “Down by the Salley Gardens”

——————, “The Second Coming”

——————, “The Young Man’s Song”

——————, “When You Are Old”