Day Bidet #53

Christ is in the shape-up, he’s in the hatch, he’s in the union hall:

  1. Berryman: “Unite my various soul, / sole watchman of the wide & single stars.” King David: “[U]nite my heart to fear Thy name.”
  2. “I have never known silence like I found in the village where almost an entire generation of their young had been killed simply because a pilot had missed.” (Related. Related: “‘National security’ is a euphemism for ‘world domination.'” Related: You can’t trust the experts.)
  3. “[B]etween 50,000 and 70,000 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in the last decade.” (Related: “[M]ost expect to meet Jesus face to face in the next two weeks.”)
  4. Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie? (Language warning.) Where’s the lie? Where’s the lie?where’s the lie???
  5. “[I]f we wish to start living where we are … we too will need something of the loyalty of children and the great patience of poets.”
  6. “We got the tortured animals & the reanimated corpses & the kidnapped children, but the flying cars & wonder drugs are still, as always, ten years out.” (Language warning. Related.)
  7. “The soul is like a wild animal.”


Whoops! (Related—not that you should be at all amazed.)

“Romans would have cost over 2,000 dollars.”

“Plants already account for 82% of kcal and 60% of protein. But in many regions of the world, #animalproducts can improve food security, nutrition, agroecosystems and efficiency.” (Related. Related.)

Psalm 90.1: “Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.”

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