Day Bidet #52

Perfect love casteth out fear:

  1. “In 2020, Americans spent an average of 5.53 hours a day on leisure and sports and about 0.09 hours … on religious and spiritual activities.”
  2. Live not by lies.
  3. “[W]hat is the function of these genealogies in Genesis?”
  4. “Probably the most important graph for health, ever.” (So lift weights, cut carbs and processed foods, and eat red meat! Related. Related. Related.)
  5. Alcoholic milk. (Related.)
  6. HODL Bitcoin. (Related. Related. Related. Related: “The global medium of exchange as we know it is also a medium of social control.” Related. Related.)
  7. “New Testament scholars are far too ready to assume that the evangelists, and John in particular, felt free to put words into Jesus’ mouth if they thought that something was what he would have said and was consonant with his other teaching. But this is not what we find in John. Instead, when John has some interpretation to give his readers, he distinguishes his own interpretation from what Jesus actually says.”


Alexander Crummell: “Let our posterity know that we their ancestors, uncultured and unlearned, amid all trials and temptations, were men of integrity.”

“Feeling During Modern Worship Concert Suspiciously Similar To Feeling During Rock Concert.” (Relatedpreviously on DBD. Lol.)

Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. Clown President. (Related—and prescient. Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.) But this takes the cake. Demon World (and yes, someone should have seen it coming). Demon World. Demon World (so homeschool your kids!). But still, a lovely, lovely world if you know where to look.

“Prince of the world and Lord of the flies.”

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