Day Bidet #40

All glory, laud, and honour to thee, Redeemer, King:

  1. “Seriously, this soap opera is supposed to be an inspired religious text in which we learn about God?”
  2. Big Business and Big Gov are two sides of the same coin. (So advocating for more government, as Democrats do, or less government, as Republicans pretend to do, misses the point. Related.)
  3. “Who Is Melchizedek?”
  4. “I can use this” (language warning). (Related. Related: Guess which gunman’s race CNN identified in this list of mass shootings. Related: “Spring breakers.” Related: “[T]he CDC totally sidesteps the politically incorrect topic of who is pulling the trigger in those homicides.” Related.)
  5. “God sometimes lets true prophets know when conditions have changed and judgment is delayed.”
  6. Clown Demon World. Demon World. Demon World. And last but not necessarily least: Demon World.
  7. Lydia McGrew’s new book on the Gospel of John is finally out.


This one‘s for the nerds.

This one‘s also for the nerds.

“What is Wrong with Illegal Immigration?”

“The Book of Revelation identifies Jesus as “he who is” (Revelation 1:4, 8), a clear utilization of Exodus 3:14.”


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