Day Bidet #39

Blind unbelief is sure to err and scan His works in vain:

  1. A quick primer on the Pentateuch.
  2. “Memorial Day … saw the fentanyl-assisted death of George Floyd…. By the time of the riots of the following weekend, the Great Murder Surge of 2020 was underway.” (Related: You can’t trust the expertsor the news.)
  3. “Materialism and Mysteries”
  4. Skim this, which I have added to the Health page. We were made to eat meat. (Related. Related. Related. Related: “In the last 11 months I have worked with around 100 people transitioning them to the carnivore lifestyle. All of them no matter what sex or what age all seen results.”)
  5. “As in Matt. 18: 15-17, the sequence of reproof among Qumran sectarians is to first be private, then in front of witnesses, and only afterward, if still needed, before the assembly. Such reproof must be humble and without anger.”
  6. “We’re really not making a big enough deal of the fact that @amazon has begun deleting books.”
  7. “The greatest song will always be the song born of suffering.”


“The root cause of a lot of our problems today—much more than most people would expect—is simple legal uncertainty. … When people don’t know what they’ll get in trouble for, they have no choice but to turn off judgment, play it safe, and do stupid things with bad consequences.” (Related.)

Barth was a shameless adulterer.

“Strong hands.” (Related. Related. Related.)

“God ‘devises means so that the banished one will not remain an outcast.'”


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