Day Bidet #37

Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time:

  1. “And so a beer commercial becomes our priest, offering us absolution: You are a good person.” (Related: “[P]ost-Christian and non-Christian progressives feel themselves to be, not elite, but elect.”)
  2. “We have to be resigned to living in a world where social outcomes are substantially determined at birth.” (Related.)
  3. “The true virtue, the true courage, is to maintain hope (and also love and joy) in the face of what can sometimes look and feel like an ocean of darkness. … Sometimes our prayer ‘goes well’ and sometimes it seems ‘dry,’ but if we offer our time to God with sincerity we can be assured that God has worked on our soul and the fruit will come at the right time.”
  4. “1/4 of people in their early 20s have no friends, and many even claim to have no acquaintances.”
  5. “Paul may have coined tapeinophrosynē himself in Philippia…. ‘[H]umility realizes itself concretely as individual … renunciation of one’s own status possibilities in the service of the community….'” (Related: “[W]e dare not risk losing the special connection with the poor and broken. We may serve and empower them, but we are also blessed by them; they have something that we too need.” Related.)
  6. “[M]aximal strength benefits are obtained from the use of heavy loads while muscle hypertrophy can be equally achieved across a spectrum of loading ranges.” (Related: “Western Europeans are collectively losing more than 1.6 million years of healthy life because of traffic noise.” Related. Related. Related.)
  7. “Assuming that the Bible’s Shishak and Egypt’s Shoshenq I are one and the same, if Shoshenq I’s list does indeed refer to location named after King David, this 10th century monument could contain the earliest known reference to the Bible’s King David.”


“How Much Blood Does Black Lives Matter Have on Its Hands?”

“Why was Paul eager to visit Spain (Romans 15:24)?”

You can’t trust the (debunking) experts. Nor the scientific experts, because “science [has become] slave to power.”

“Coups in the Bible”

“A human being is one thing, not two, albeit a thing with both corporeal and incorporeal activities. And since it is one thing, the question of interaction does not arise.”

“The question, ‘What doth hinder me to be baptized?’ was suggested immediately by the appearance of the water; but it could not have occurred to the eunuch had he not been previously instructed concerning the ordinance. He had learned not only that there was such an ordinance, but that it was the duty and the privilege of men to observe it when properly prepared for it.”


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