Day Bidet #35

Love isn’t some place that we fall, it’s something that we do:

  1. “In the context of Jeremiah 16, this prophecy referred to judgment…. But in its fulfillment in Christ’s ministry, the sense is switched. Now God, in Jesus, is sending out fishers and hunters to recover his people Israel as well as the nations.”
  2. “Applied to any other group, this would sound like a monstrous euphemism for mass extermination & cultural annihilation.” (Related.)
  3. “Let those who deny … the originality of the Gospel superscriptions in order to preserve their ‘good’ critical conscience, give a better explanation of the completely unanimous and relatively early attestation of these titles…. Such an explanation has yet to be given, and it never will be.” (Related. Related.)
  4. You can’t trust the (news) experts. (Related.) You can’t trust the (international relations) experts. You can’t trust the (medical) experts. You (definitely) can’t trust the (nutritional) experts, or the (public health) experts: “A lot of quirky internet commentators were totally right about this pandemic at the start and recommended a lot of important, common-sense measures which … would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars…. [T]hese people were right and all the crazy bioethics people, public health bureaucrats, and academic epidemiologists were wrong.” And you shouldn’t trust the experts, anyway.
  5. “[I]t seems like a pity, and more than a pity, and worse than a pity, with all that in the back of one’s head, to think that all that gets offered to us now, by guys like these, in books like this, is the pale, small, silly, nerdy accusation that religion is, I don’t know, dumb.”
  6. “[A] lot of the motivation behind Defund the Police was that municipalities are going broke, so non-police government workers have been hoping to raid police budgets to preserve their own pay. It’s a perfectly logical reaction. Just too bad about all the dead bodies.” (Related.)
  7. “We don’t love each other well when we’re worshiping idols.”


“Even after controlling for demographic differences between married and cohabiting adults (such as gender, age, race, religion and educational attainment), married adults express higher levels of satisfaction, trust and closeness than those who are living with a partner.” (Related.)

“Israel seems to have evidence of using two alternative calendars!”

“California is the future of the US, and Latin America is the future of California.”

“What is the Letter of Aristeas?”

“Just as it is necessary to eat, it is necessary to sometimes not eat.” (Related.)

“When you see the evils of politics and this world coming at us, please be certain to remember who you are in Christ Jesus.”


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