Day Bidet #33

God is the God of the hobbits:

  1. “[T]he three great temptations of the age are the temptations to be powerful, spectacular, and relevant. … The call of Jesus, by contrast, is the call to what Nouwen describes as ‘downward mobility.'”
  2. “Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle.” (Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.)
  3. “Our Lord’s Baptism is really his royal coronation and the beginning of his reign over the Kingdom of God.”
  4. “[T]he wheels of bureaucracy can literally kill.” (Related. Related. Related.)
  5. “If we are really convinced of the truth of our message, then we can proclaim it before a world of enemies, then the very difficulty of our task, the very scarcity of our allies becomes an inspiration, then we can even rejoice that God did not place us in an easy age, but in a time of doubt and perplexity and battle.”
  6. “[M]any people today between the ages of 25 and 40 will find themselves becoming lonely and depressed by age 60 as they see the past as having little meaning and the future as having little purpose.” (Related.)
  7. Psalm 116.


Demon World: “The reason parent-child relationships exist is because the State confers legal parenthood.” (Related.)

Related to last Wednesday’s post: “A Response to Vincent Torley on the Virgin Birth.”

“The worst war crime in modern history was carried out by Britain and America for the sole benefit of the Soviets.” (Related.)

“[D]iscipleship for Luke is crucicentric, i.e., the central metaphor for discipleship in Luke is cross-bearing.”

“Behind the street level activism and emotional outpouring is a calculated machinery built by establishment money and power that has seized on racial politics, in which some of the biggest capitalists in the world are financially backing a group of self-described ‘trained Marxists—a label that Cullors enthusiastically applies to herself and [BLM’s] other co-founders.” (Related. Related.)

“Fear wist not to evade as Love wist to pursue.”


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