Day Bidet #32

Be not afraiddespair is a sin:

  1. “Sin is more than making a mistake or ‘missing the mark.’ Sin is a slavery that penetrates to the deepest recesses of our being.”
  2. Watch this interview (from roughly 11:00 to 37:00). (Related. Related. Related. Related. Related. Related (language warning). Related. Related. Related.)
  3. “Getting a Handle on Hebrews”
  4. IQ matters—a lot. (Related. Related. Related.)
  5. “A Closer Look: Magic”
  6. “Social Security may be the biggest perverse incentive in history.” (Related: “In 2017, we estimate that there were about 8,000 fewer births as a result of the state of car-seat laws in the U.S.” Related: slow-but-steady national suicides. Related.)
  7. “It cost something to be a Christian then.”


“Black Lives Matter has a lot of blood on its hands by now”—“comparable to all the lynchings in American history.” (Related. Related. Related.)

“Jesus is the only great religious founder in human history to proclaim that God is a Father and we can become his children.”

“‘Les Misérables’ and Irony”

“Paul Maier estimates that there may have been only a dozen boys or so who were slaughtered.” (Related.)

Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. Clown World. Clown World.

An interesting new book.

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