Carnivore FAQ

(Note: My quick introduction to carnivore is here. This FAQ is for more specific questions.)

Q: If industrial seed oils are bad, what about olive oil, avocado oil, etc.?

The safest bet is to stick with animal fats like butter and tallow. You never know what you’re getting with liquid vegetable fats. (Here‘s a good discussion with more information on industrial seed oils.)

Q: Isn’t too much protein bad for you?

Probably not.

Q: What about nitrates and nitrites?

Nitrates and nitrites are probably okay.

Q: What about vitamin and mineral supplements?

If you’re eating right and don’t have any particular health issues to address, vitamin and mineral supplements are mostly just a waste of money.

Q: What about diabetes?

We’ve known low-carb diets can treat diabetes for hundreds of years. Modern clinical trials have shown much the same.

Q: What about gout?

The primary cause of gout appears to be fructose (not protein or purine). Those suffering from gout should eliminate fructose from their diets.

Q: What about the Food Pyramid?

You shouldn’t trust the food pyramid.