You Can’t Trust the Experts: The Food Pyramid

Rizzo and Whitman on the food pyramid (via Bryan Caplan):

Light describes some of the notable differences between the unpublished food pyramid and the final version. The number of recommended servings of fresh fruits and vegetables fell from 5–9 to 2–3, while the recommended servings of whole-grain breads and cereals rose from 3–4 to 6–11. … Light further notes that white-flour baked goods, which the experts had placed at the pyramid’s peak for items to be eaten sparingly, had been moved to the pyramid’s base…. In recent years, many have begun to reevaluate the conventional wisdom that emphasizes caloric restriction and reduced fat intake, instead arguing for restriction of carbohydrates and greater consumption of protein and fat.

More on the food pyramid. As that article notes, we’ve known low-carb can treat diabetes for a long time—in fact, since the 1700s. Science doesn’t always make progress, especially when it’s politicized, and nutrition has been deeply politicized.

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