Day Bidet #87

The galaxies declare the glory of God:

  1. “Our world is not realistic.” (Related.)
  2. Not National News (hilariously). Not National News—you can’t trust the experts. (Related.) Not National News. Not National News. Not (Inter)National News. And on a different note: Not National News. (Related.) And a bonus Fake News special. (Related—you can’t trust the experts!)
  3. “Why do we need to rethink the dating of the New Testament texts?”
  4. Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. (Related.) Correct. (Related. Related: “Rolling the rock of life up the hill might be Herculean, but it’s not Sisyphean.”)
  5. “Genesis continues to develop the idea that those who dishonor Israel receive God’s judgment, and those who bless Israel receive God’s blessing.”
  6. “Maybe you tell yourself it’s not the same, I see what he was doing but it’s not the same! Why?”
  7. Lewis Mumford: “The segregation of the spiritual life from the practical life is a curse that falls impartially upon both sides of our existence.”


Teach the controversy! (Language warning.) Teach the controversy! (Related—great band name, but the moral of the story is you definitely can’t trust the intelligence experts. Related. Related #nonpartisan.)

“It was almost universally held, until the end of the fourth century, that the subject of the theophanies, the speaker of divine words throughout the Old Testament, was God the Son acting as the agent or messenger of the Father.”

“[Y]ou have similar obligations to your chain of ancestors and descendants; if you don’t have kids, all of the chain after you won’t exist.” (Related: “The woke-skeptical left wants people to have meaning in life, but is uncomfortable with the things that actually give them meaning.” Related. Related.)

“What Language Shall I Borrow to Thank Thee, Dearest Friend?”

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