Day Bidet #68

Archaeologists unearthed the skeleton during an excavation at the village of Fenstanton back in 2017 and have just completed their analysis of the grisly find. Pictured: the slave's heel bone — or 'calcaneum' — showing where the iron nail was driven through it

And life ain’t nothin’ but a funny funny riddle:

  1. “Christianity … isn’t fundamentally about morality. Christianity … is fundamentally about learning to see.” (Related: “There are things I’ve learned about love, joy, peace, sacrifice, kindness, sin, reconciliation, failure, marriage, friendship, life, death and fulfillment that I could have never discovered all on my own.” Related: “You must act.”)
  2. “[Socioeconomic status] is only very modestly correlated with educational attainment.”
  3. Very cool new resource.
  4. Not National News: “[A] jury recently failed to convict Dayonte Resiles based on his race after he snuck into a woman’s home, tied her up, and stabbed her to death.” Also Not National News. Also Not National News. Also Not National News—#StopAsianHate. (Related. Related—”100+ arrests, most suspects released within 24 hours on zero bail.”)
  5. If this doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what to say. (Related.)
  6. Wild. Wild—brave new world! Even wilder. Stunning. Not at all stunning. Lolz.
  7. Chesterton: “Christianity even when watered down is hot enough to boil all modern society to rags.”


“Du Bois describes Reconstruction as ‘one of the most extraordinary experiments of Marxism that the world, before the Russian revolution, had seen.’ The parallel is apt.” (Related: Happy Belated Lee-Jackson Day!)

“What Micah is proclaiming is a judgment on the king who lived in Jerusalem. God was bypassing the present king and going back to Bethlehem … Thus, the new king will be a new David. God was beginning the process all over again.”

“Clearly, this is not about saving lives. It’s about control.” (And fear. Related—the puzzle disappears when you realize how much more profitable vaccine mandates are. Related. Related—whoopsie! Related—”directionless” is a very interesting word. Related. Related. Related. Related.)

“And is it true?”

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