The Shallowness of It All

How to Interpret 'Bad' Tarot Cards | Keen

In the modern spiritual marketplace, you pick your enchantment, like shopping for deals at Walmart…. Our enchantments have become lifestyle choices. We pick the enchantment that suits us or is most in fashion. … If we’re thoughtful, we can sense the shallowness of it all. Can an enchantment we pick up and lay down at a whim really give our lives the sacred meaning and weight we’ve been longing for? Can an enchantment we choose for ourselves become anything but narcissistic, a reflection of our own highly selective and cropped self-image? Immanent enchantments are on the rise because they are perfectly suited to our consumeristic age. And that is the fatal, fundamental flaw.

Richard Beck, “Pascal’s Pensées: Week 2, Transcendence Matters”

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