Day Bidet #43

A double portion:

  1. “One would have thought that I, as a Catholic priest, would have spoken out against the atomic bombing of nuns. … One would have thought that I would have suggested that as a minimal standard of Catholic morality, Catholics shouldn’t bomb Catholic children. I didn’t.”
  2. Flashback.
  3. “Humans, to remain human, cannot become inured to killing. The death of each animal has to be marked and given sacred recognition.”
  4. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story. Carnivore success story.
  5. “Those who complain about ‘drama’ in worship have limited historical understandings of what ‘worship’ was like in Israel, and for centuries among Christians.”
  6. You can’t trust the experts. (Related: “The Road to Sociology is the ‘corruption of the epistemic process in an entire discipline’ when everything becomes subservient to progressive political ideology.” Related.)
  7. “Jesus wasn’t born ready to be our high priest, but by the grace of God he died ready.”
  8. “What kind of kingship is this?” Related: “Who, I say, could have hoped that the nations would hope in the name of Christ, when He was arrested, bound, scourged, mocked, crucified, when even the disciples themselves had lost the hope which they had begun to have in Him?”
  9. Not national news. Not national news. Not national news. Not national news.
  10. “I love Christ more than this.”
  11. “[W]e’re told society pedestalizes whites while causing people of color to feel bad about themselves. The data say otherwise.” (Related. Related.)
  12. “He had set the example by sexually exploiting one subject and killing another. Sexual exploitation and murder were soon to devastate his own household.”
  13. Clown World: “How better to honor the legacy of a gang of murderous felons by discriminating against whites?” (Related. Related.) Clown World. Clown World. Demon World. Demon World.
  14. Q&A on the Resurrection.


It’s still early. (Related.)

“[W]e can place Paul confidently in Corinth in 52 CE.”


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