Day Bidet #38

Tune my heart to sing Thy grace:

  1. Watch this. (Related. Related. Related.)
  2. Read this. (Related: “All societies consist of a religious elite either edifying with truth or manipulating with lies those below them into certain beliefs, as the average person is incapable of rational thinking. … The only question is which elite will have control and propagate ideas to the masses. Will it be a benevolent elite, inculcating the truth of God’s Word into the population, or will it be a hostile, Satanic elite like we have today?”)
  3. “[W]ould Paul have eaten your shrimp cocktail?”
  4. “[L]ockdown policies have been extraordinarily harmful.” (Related.)
  5. “[A]busive pastors almost always have two sides. One side is domineering, heavy-handed and threatening.  The other side is charming, gracious, and even flattering.”
  6. “Almost all men are stronger than almost all women.” (Related. Related: “[A] growing number of women see staying home to raise children … to be the ideal circumstances of motherhood.” Related. Related.)
  7. “[W]hen you track the deep narrative, you see the fingerprints of God everywhere you look.”


“In Scotland, it is said, the steam whistle scared the Faery Folk away.”

“Spirit (pneuma) language is used for essentially three things: the (1) Holy Spirit/God’s Spirit, (2) unclean (i.e., evil) spirits, and (3) the human spirit.” (Related. Related.)

“Tesla has now made more money by holding some #Bitcoin than in thirteen years of selling cars.” (Related.)

“The twist ending of the story is that Yahweh isn’t like other gods.”

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