Day Bidet #25

Loch Ard, Scotland

O Come, O Come Emmanuel:

  1. “Why Doesn’t Jesus Fast?”
  2. “[B]eing ‘pro-government’ or ‘pro-market’ is beside the point, in a society in which college-credentialed overclass mandarins circulate freely among government, corporations, law firms, universities, foundations, think tanks, NGO’s, and media companies, accumulating wealth along the way.”
  3. “[I]n the first century the most common picture of the afterlife, shared by practically everyone, was of a region of the dead in which there are places both of torment and of beatitude.”
  4. “What if we reached The Future, and then passed it? What if it has come and gone, and now we are in a post-Future future?” (Related. Related.)
  5. You can’t trust the experts. You can’t trust the experts.
  6. Good advice. (Related.)
  7. “Without charity the outward work profiteth nothing; but whatsoever is done of charity, be it never so little and contemptible in the sight of the world, it becomes wholly fruitful.”


“We have our old friends who are at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence. … Who helped [Hunter Biden] build the foundations?” (Transcript. Related. Related.)

Worth checking out if you have not read the Pseudepigrapha.

“[Y]ou could build a whole political philosophy and program as an extension from this one principle, ‘A Decent Life for Decent People’, and which is based on Nucleocentrist Familialism, affordable family formation, and legal privileges for mothers and fathers. Trying to implement such a program today would be so radical as to require total regime change.”

“Why Is Archaeology Useful to Christians?” (Related. Related.)

Islam is right about women. (As are most traditional religions and cultures, of course—nothing special about Islam. Related. Related. Related. Related. Related. Related: “Reminder that the same people who think keeping a tidy and cozy home, cooking, baking, raising their children, and loving their husband makes them a slave/doormat, but being alone, drinking, taking pills, eating takeout/Cheetos, and putting on a fake smile for social media is the good life.”)

“[I]f I perish, I perish.”

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