Day Bidet #23

r/funny - Evolution of Art

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “[T]here is nothing to fear.”
  2. “Does money buy happiness, or does happiness come indirectly from the higher rank in society that money brings?”
  3. Soros and co. are coming have already come for the churches.
  4. Whites are the least “racist” people on Earth.
  5. “Mordecai adopted Esther not because he was allowed by Babylonian customs, but because he was motivated by the love of God to show his love to that little orphan girl.”
  6. Wild fish > farmed fish.
  7. “[L]ove does not stop at death.”


Hold on to your butts! (Related: “Pfizer and BioNTech had decided in late October … to stop having their lab confirm cases of Covid-19 in the study.” Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.)

“If you begin with Genesis, then read through Malachi, then include most of the Apocrypha before you get to Paul, he sounds a lot different than if you begin in the Protestant Reformation and then read backwards to him.”

“[W]e need more backward people. In the subway in New York you can see the other type, the newspaper addict, who revels in social and political theories and lives the life of a drudge, foolishly flattering himself that because he is not working with his hands … he is better off than the poor white trash of the South.”

Some food for thought on hiring ministers.

“The problem with our current system … is that statements which should be suppressed are given free reign, while statements which should be freely expressable are suppressed. The trouble is that there are no non-radical ways remaining that can solve that problem.”

“[T]he small assemblies of Messiah’s people bear witness to the justice and life that has already arrived in the Sovereign Messiah’s political body, crucified, raised from the dead, exalted as Ruler of all peoples and nations.”


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