Day Bidet #19

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “Job #1 for church leaders is getting their people to unplug. Because if your people are plugged in they will never, ever listen to you. Social media is drowning you out.” (Language warning.)
  2. “Fidelity considered the notion of keeping 5% of value in a multi-asset portfolio in Bitcoin as a means to reap greater returns over time regardless of market conditions.”
  3. “[T]he Gospel writers were convinced that Jesus was a source of holiness that was even more powerful than death itself.”
  4. “Their skulls and their bones were collected from the furrows of mass graves and assembled into imitations of men. They were sorted, carted for hundreds of miles on Southward-bound wagons, and, finally, sown in their native soil.”
  5. “I have been married to three different wives, but the same woman.”
  6. The Blue Establishment is redefining words in real time. And blocking links to anti-Biden news articles. And locking the press secretary’s Twitter account. “It is no longer exaggeration to say that the collusion between social media and media to manipulate our reality for the benefit of their political agendas has reached Stalinist proportions.” “Establishment disinformation … is killing Western democracy.”
  7. “[O]ur sense of community – a notion that spans TIME as well as space in Scripture – is seriously awry.” 


The obesity epidemic seems to have begun over a century ago.

“Matthew 4:23-25 and 9:35 form an inclusio, a frame around the Sermon on the Mount (ch. 5-7) and the authority/miracle stories (ch. 8-9).”

Clown World. Clown World. Demon World. Demon World. (Related. Language warning.)

“[T]here are serious theological, ethical, and scriptural reasons for affirming that there is not merely spiritual discontinuity between man and animals but also significant material discontinuity.”

The happier you are, the less likely you are to live with your significant other while unmarried.

“Was the Divinity of Jesus a Late Invention of the Council of Nicea?”

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