Day Bidet #18

Seven days, seven links:

  1. Did the Egyptians “oppress the Israelites in order to keep them from becoming a powerful ally to the Hyksos”?
  2. “There’s no reason to fear nitrates and nitrites in food.”
  3. Is Darius the Mede Cyaxares II?
  4. “It’s almost as if the media’s 2020 Hate Whitey campaign is getting white people murdered.” (Related. Related. Related. Related. Related.)
  5. “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked.”
  6. “And the Days Are Not Full Enough”
  7. “No one knows what is true anymore. No one can agree on what is true anymore. We are bewitched. We are Théoden.”


Demon World. Demon World. Demon World. Demon World.

What other reason than truth, and truth remembered by one in a position to know, could there be for telling us en passant that Jesus nicknamed James and John Boanerges, the sons of thunder?”

“We are in the midst of an ongoing uprising.”

“Assyrian records affirm the historicity of King Jehu, and confirm that he was the successor to King Omri’s dynasty.”

“[W]ho fact-checks the fact-checkers?”

“You must sing for me the song that you sang before God’s Throne on high, before your fall.”

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