Day Bidet #17

You will ‘fall’ in love with Vermont.

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “[O]ur external evidence about the authorship of the gospels all points one way and only one way.” (Related. Related.)
  2. Feminism is cancer. (Related.)
  3. “[T]he summons to flee from the city is used symbolically, with the city referring to the demonic social and political power structure that constituted the Roman empire.”
  4. “Concerns about long-term social/emotional effects of acceleration for high-potential students appear to be unwarranted.” (And likely concerns about the long-term social/emotional effects of homeschooling are similarly unwarranted.)
  5. “It is very probable that the ‘Erastus’ mentioned in Romans is the very same person who is mentioned in this inscription.”
  6. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
  7. “And the Dwarf, hearing the names given in his own ancient tongue, looked up and met her eyes; and it seemed to him that he looked suddenly into the heart of an enemy and saw there love and understanding. Wonder came into his face, and then he smiled in answer.”


“In 2011, just 35% of white liberals thought racism in the United States was ‘a big problem,’ according to national polling. By 2015, this figure had ballooned to 61% and further still to 77% in 2017.” (Related.)

“Deuteronomy 4:29 should be translated with a sense of certainty, not conditionality.”

Against rebellious daughters in Disney movies.

“[P]eople are starting to accept absurdity as normal.”

“Southern Poverty Law Center Admits They Have No Idea How Dannon Yogurt Company Got on Annual List of Hate Groups”

“[T]o read the Psalms is like thinking Jesus’s thoughts after him.”


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