Day Bidet #11

Seven days, seven links (late again—busy couple weeks!):

  1. “Torley lists several alleged contradictions among the Gospel burial accounts, but all of these are manufactured.”
  2. White liberals are far more mentally ill than any other group of Americans. (Related, also from Zach Goldberg.)
  3. “[T]hree of the four great founders of American Zen ’caused major public sex scandals’…. The two most famous US teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, Chongyam Trungpa and Sogyal Rinpoche, both caused major public sex scandals. Trungpa’s immediate successor Ösel Tendzin caused a particularly horrifying major public sex scandal, and the current head of Shambhala Buddhism, Sakyong Rinpoche, also caused a major public sex scandal.”
  4. “1946 into the 1970s was a golden age for broad-based middle class and working class prosperity in the U.S.” (What changed? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)
  5. “Did Old Testament Saints Know Scripture Was Authoritative?”
  6. Good music. Good music. Good music.
  7. “By and large, secular moral systems are broadly and functionally christian. … [W]hy is your vision of the good just a warmed over version of Christianity?” (Related: “[W]ithout the underlying metaphysical commitments, the moral consensus of the West stands upon nothing solid.”


Typos now a cancellable offense. (Related.)

“For Paul, the resurrection is central. To ‘go back’ would be to shift emphasis away from that key event. Yes, he talks about Jesus’ death, but this is necessary—it is what makes resurrection possible!”

“[T]he descendants of American slaves, again, taken as a whole, are the richest and most powerful and influential population of African descent on the planet.”

“Huge Kingdom of Judah government complex found near US Embassy in Jerusalem”

“[H]uman racial groups are more genetically diverse than previously assumed.” (Related. Related.)

“[O]n earth the great prostitute appears sovereign.”

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