Day Bidet #8

Paris’ Sainte-Chapelle

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “The kingdom isn’t morally hard, it’s just hidden. The kingdom is here and available, but we cannot see it.”
  2. “There’s a few good reasons to prefer the apprenticeship model to classes.” (Related.)
  3. “The baptism of Jesus is a new beginning for Israel.”
  4. “[R]acism is not the cause of differences in loan approval rates.”
  5. “Matthew was aware of the some of the emerging traditions about Zechariah’s death attested in later Jewish texts.”
  6. “A large number of well done studies have painted a rather consistent picture of sex differences in personality that are strikingly consistent across cultures.”
  7. “God sent provision through someone who did not know my need.”


“[W]e’re both using a service that we think is designed to help us connect when really it has turned into a place where we can all freak out together to make the creators happy.” (Related.)

“[T]he fact that Sennacherib records that he shut Hezekiah up in his royal city like a caged bird, but does not record the capture of Jerusalem is telling. It’s essentially a tacit admission of his failure to capture Jerusalem, which is in accord with the biblical account.”

“[O]ur universities are not universities. They are organs of a state church. This is why they all always agree with each other about all political and spiritual questions.”

“Name of Adonijah, the Royal Steward, Discovered in Jerusalem”

“White Christians are a declining proportion of the US population.”

“The Bible recognizes that a shaking cry to the universe can be the most profound act of faith.”


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