Day Bidet #5

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “[T]he idea that demons are the angels who fell with Satan is built on a number of assumptions built up over centuries of myth-building rather than solid textual / biblical evidence.” (Related.)
  2. “[W]e have been, at least at the genetic level, experiencing divergent evolution.” (But saying so will now get you #canceled. Related.)
  3. Among other things, Pentecost reverses the confusion of languages at Babel.
  4. Progress. Progress. Progress.
  5. “Jesus adopts and expands John’s message.”
  6. I joke about Clown World, but really it’s Demon World.
  7. Phillip Long suggests that the two beasts and dragon in Revelation are a Satanic parody of the Trinity.


“Given the evidence from Philo, we have warrant to think that the Jewish traditions connecting Balaam to magi were already circulated in Matthew’s day.”

Diversity is conflict. (Related. Related. Related.)

“Jesus presented himself to the Father once, but he is perpetually the high priest and sacrifice who ministers in God’s presence.”

“Nations with tight cultures and efficient governments were the most effective at limiting COVID-19’s growth and mortality rates.” Social trust—and therefore homogeneity—matters.

Man Leaves The 99 Bible Verses That Contradict Him To Go Find The One That Doesn’t

“It is interesting that Jesus, in his Judean/Galilean context never uses the image of running the race—but Paul, in a Greco-Roman context does.”


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