Day Bidet #2

BOW update: I’ve begun expanding the Health page.

Seven days, seven links:

  1. “[W]e need the Psalms because we need to know the range and pattern of believing experience.” (Related.)
  2. “Jesus was most likely crucified on April 3, AD 33.”
  3. “[A]ccording to Scripture, the three terms elder, bishop/overseer, and pastor turn out to be interchangeable and refer to the same individual.”
  4. Carnivore success story. (Another. Related.)
  5. “Archaeological discoveries related to King Ahab help provide a background to his life. … [N]umerous details that are recorded in Scripture have been affirmed in the archaeological record.”
  6. You can’t trust the Establishment. (Related. Related.)
  7. “What Paul does that is innovative and even scandalous is not that he talked about pistis—Jews were already comfortable with that term to describe covenant-like relationships. Rather, it was disjoining pistis from Torah and linking pistis only to Christ.”


“Why was God Upset Israel Asked for a King in 1 Samuel 8?”

“50+ Results of Jesus’ Resurrection from the Dead”

#Resist. (Related.)

The most violent weekend in Chicago’s history. (Related. Related. Related. Related. None of this, of course, excuses bad policing. Related.)

“Calls to remove ‘racist’ Gandhi statue in Leicester”

Not a bad list.

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