Day Bidet #1


Seven days, seven links:

  1. “Believe rather that it is so ordered.”
  2. “[I]t is logical to accept the book of Esther as an authentic record of Persian history in that period.”
  3. Homeschool your children.
  4. The Syrophoenician woman was not just a ritually unclean Gentile woman but a wealthy ritually unclean Gentile woman.
  5. “The archaeological evidence for Pontius Pilate, as well as the description in ancient texts, align with the biblical description of the Prefect of Judea who sentenced Jesus of Nazareth to be crucified.”
  6. “[L]arge parts of the South aren’t Southern any more because the people who live there aren’t.”
  7. “Primary Wonder”


“Do you believe in coincidences?”

Brother Bear.

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